The D/OS project's objective is to produce a working operating system written entirely in D (with the hopes that the innovations produced in the process will be of benefit to the larger open source and D language communities). This neccessarily involves a number of complexities, as the entire operating system will be written in D (with the exception of the bootloader and certain other components that must be written in ASM).  The initial design for D/OS, which will be published on this site within the next few weeks, outlines a number of interesting possibilities, including the possibility for centralized garbage collection and memory defragmentation, and the use of a completely vector-graphics based GUI. 

Another interesting aspect of D/OS is that , in order to develop an operating system in D, and to get a working compiler functioning on the system to allow for further development, we decided to develop the operating system starting with the userland first, using an emulation module called D/ELTA, which runs on Linux and could potentially be ported to other platforms. At this stage, there is some reason to suggest that D/ELTA performance will not be much slower than that of a bare metal D/OS installation, and as a result the possiblity exists that D/ELTA could be used as a cross-platform development framework.

Project Manager Profiles:

Adam D. Ruppe is an avid systems software developer and Linux sysadmin, with seven years of experience in developing system software using the Assembler, C, C++ and (more recently) D programming languages.

William Golden Wilkins is the founder and chief executive officer of Integral Identity, a brand consulting firm he founded in 2004, serving primarily the IT industry. In his spare time, Mr. Wilkins serves as the President Elect of the Southern California American Marketing Association. In addition to his work in the IT industry as a branding and design consultant, Mr. Wilkins has also participated in open source development projects since 1999, starting with the Open Source Syndicate, an experimental open source content initiative created by noted open source advocate Larry Smith.  In addition to D/OS, Mr. Wilkins contributes actively to the PC-BSD project. Logo