The D/OS Project, while still in its infancy, has, as of May 20th, 2007, published its first code to the CVS system, and is looking forward to welcoming the contributions of developers. Over the next few weeks, this page will hopefully be extended with more detailed information, in the mean time, here are some thoughts for prospective participants to ponder over:

  • The D/OS Project is, at this point, strictly an educational project, and is at present being undertaken largely for reasons of personal enjoyment and learning.
  • The D/OS Project can offer a potentially rewarding opportunity for learning about the D programming language.
  • We will maintain a policy of using only the GPL license for code we develop (including libraries). Contributing developers will be asked to assign their code, to facilitate its protection during the changeover from GPLv2 to GPLv3.

If the above has not scared you away, and you are interested in joining the development process, please contact:

William Golden Wilkins, Co Founder and Project Manager

+1 805.551.9220 Logo